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Many people have never had a Retainer relationship with a professional and are unfamiliar with how it works.  To have a doctor on retainer is a relatively new concept in healthcare, so below is a brief description of how the service works.

Imagine that you have a friend or relative that is a doctor, lawyer or accountant.  Because of the relationship, you know that you can call them and ask for medical, legal or tax advice.  You don't even think about paying them for sharing their knowledge and professional advice.

​A retainer relationship, while not relative- or friend-based, is an arrangement that allows you to communicate with the doctor as you would a friend or relative, for an annual membership fee.  No longer would all of your discussions with the doctor have to take place during an office visit,  So, the pressure to get all of your questions answered during that encounter is removed.  Further, your communications can be expanded to include modern technologies like texts, email, Skype along with phone and face-to-face encounters.  No longer having to take time to go to the office for everything, is simply a more convenient way to interact with the doctor.

Restricting every interaction to the office visit was the result of insurance companies dictating the ground rules for doctor-patient interactions. The companies only pay doctors for face-to-face encounters; and their declining reimbursements caused doctors to respond with more and more office visits. This is the reason patients feel herded through visits like cattle.

There is another way to think about managing your health and well being; However, it requires you to have a shift in the way you think about it.  Having access to the doctor, unfortunately, is still considered an odd thing. The current atmosphere exists because people are stuck in the belief that they have to accept the status quo. So, let’s work together to think outside of the box and enter a new paradigm.

What you need to have better health and well being is knowledge and information.  The internet has expanded your information, but you need to know how it is relevant to you!


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Office: (903) 450-9120

Fax: (903) 450-9706

Office: (903) 450-9120

Fax:  (903) 450-9706


Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D.

Wellness Membership

The Benefits and “How To”  of having a doctor on retainer.

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