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Dr. maxine thomas is creating a wellness medicine revolution.

After a long career in the traditional healthcare system, Maxine realized there needs to be a change. And the change needs to happen now. 

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When Dr. Thomas got clarity about why doctors are called clinicians and not scientists, she had already practiced medicine for over 20 years. She finally understood why her intuition was such a valuable resource and also why science is unable to prove its existence. Her scientific study was inherently limited and would not be able to answer her most pressing questions. Liberated by this knowledge, she no longer cared that her physician peers constantly ask for proof of things; and restrict their beliefs to the limitations of science.  Doctors can never cure disease when they don’t understand its cause.

Understanding cause and how we manifest disease has lead Dr. Thomas to shift her practice focus. Her exam room has always been a classroom. Her best skill is in her ability to translate very complex subjects [e.g. Quantum physics] into language that can be understood by anyone. She has decided to take a small group of people and teach them how the body works beyond nutrition, supplements and drugs.

Are You Interested In Learning More About Wellness Medicine?

Maxine is making a radical shift from the traditional healthcare model.  On April 1, 2018 we will begin our Members Only Wellness Practice for a small group of patients to teach them how their bodies work, so that they can create wellness for themselves.  >Read more...

Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D.

​Wellness Medicine

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Meet Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D. 

Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D.

Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D.

​Dr. Maxine Thomas has always sought understanding about how the world works.  In that quest, she became fascinated by the human body which led her to become a medical doctor.  Contrasting specialty medicine doctors, that don’t see patients until they are sick, family medicine doctors know them prior to illness and she strongly believed in maintaining health. However, she knew that providing health and wellness required an understanding of the cause of illness and that information is sorely lacking in the medical community. She has also been a trusting student of her intuition, that she discovered in childhood to be a unique source of guidance. Throughout life she has used this “inner GPS” to gain clarity about the things she learned from the “outer voices” of those around her.

Her journey has taken her from Conventional Medicine using mostly pharmaceutical products to Functional Medicine using nutrition and supplements and still found something missing.  She now wears the moniker of Wellness Medicine after discovering that you can only manifest wellness by focusing on it.