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Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D.

Wellness Medicine

4725 Wellington Street

Greenville, TX  75401

Dr. Maxine J. Thomas, M.D.

Office: (903) 450-9120

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annual retainer/wellness membership

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Office: (903) 450-9120

Fax: (903) 454-2230

What do Members receive?

  • Finally get an explanation about how your body works and what controls it

  • An explanation of why you have never been told this before
  • Learn the cause of disease
  • An explanation of why you don’t have to be sick or decline with age
  • An explanation of why a doctors visit averages 15 minutes and who really benefits
  • An understanding of what is best for you beyond diet and exercise
  • An exam room that is a different kind of classroom
  • Understanding of why chasing disease creates more disease

Retainer is only for services Dr. Thomas provides. Therefore, you are encouraged to maintain insurance for those services like lab, x-rays and other physician services.

The way Dr. Thomas’ retainer works:  The patients have an Annual Wellness Consultation for a fee.  They will then have access to Dr. Maxine Thomas for one year, in person, by phone, email, text or Skype.

The Annual Retainer/Membership is Fee:  $1,300*.  There are 2 payment options:

  • Option 1:  Single one-time payment. You will receive a discounted priced of $1,200 (savings $100).
  • Option 2:  Two payments of $650 (30 days apart) for total of $1,300.

Dr. Thomas does not accept private insurance. Payment options include cash, check, credit cards, FSA and HSA account cards.

Do people continue with their medications and supplements?  Because presently those things are a part of what you believe your body needs, you will continue to take them until you change what you believe you need.

Emergency Services?  As is the case with all emergencies, it is not appropriate to call the doctor’s office.  A true emergency is the time to active the Emergency 911 System.  Otherwise, I can be reached through the office number which always answers.

For more information:  Contact (903) 450-9120

Thank you,

Maxine Thomas, MD



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